Time for bed. Its been a good weekend. Gotta work on some things and put myself in better positions to do positive things. God bless!


eagles game thoughts


Watching the Eagles play the Jaguars made me think of this.

eagles football


Watching the Eagles game with my friend Cade at Hooters. They are messing up the TV channels though.

friends and family


Tim and vicky are here this weekend. Its great to see them. Even when plans don’t go exactly as expected it is still good to have them around.

Good Weekend


Things took a turn for the good this weekend. Cade has a new job, Tim has a new job, and we had a great time with Kevin and Rashanna on Sunday cooking out, eating, watching football, and chilling. I needed this to be a good weekend and it was. Now, I just have to figure out these wisdom teeth.



In a little bit of a funk. Having some wisdom teeth pain, dealing with issues on family and health, concerns about work, and my friends job situations. All this has worn me down today. Trying to look on the bright and positive side.

Watched Candyman tonight. Sad to say but this was the first time I’ve seen it. Amazing, huh? Different type of horror film. I never imagined the horror film bad guy setting someone up for murders. Different type of concepr. Of course, it is a concept from 1992 so is it really all that different?

A Lot on My Mind


Lots on my mind lately. Lots of concerns to deal with. Family members health, friends job situations, my job situation, and other various things. It’s funny that as you get older, you really care for a lot of people and want the best for people. At least this is the case with me. I don’t recall worrying about others as much in the past as I do now. Sometimes I wish I could make everything better for everyone and take care of everyone but that’s not my job. Perhaps if I won the lottery or became a very wealthy individual. However, money doesn’t fix everything. It would help with some things though.