hot fudge cake


After 3 weeks of yearning for it, Gina gets her hot fudge cake from Mayberry.


2 day work week


Never really been to NYC but thinking about hitting it up around Christmas. This should be interesting. Scared I will get robbed. I know that is probably ridiculous.

Lead Us and Stay Healthy


coaches dropping the ball


When you are the quarterback for your team and you share team issues with the coach, you expect the coach to handle those issues. Sometimes this involves telling the GM of the team or working with other players. When you coach doesn’t do that and you get wrapped up in it and the GM questions you, what do you do? You say I told the coach. You then try to ride out the repercussions and hope for a bye week where the GM can coach the coach. You can request a trade or invoke free agent status but that is not always the answer.



Sometimes its best to keep you mouth shut. Especially if you are not in the right frame of mind to have a debate and you are pointing out a flaw with someone else. Lesson learned, mouth shut.

there are days


When I realize how good my wife is to me and how I am blessed with really good friends. Sometimes, the drama of work can wear you down and you can lose sight of these things.

rat race


Need to work on my rat race plan. Need to get this together. Sometimes meetings make me realize this.