Pack a cat




First time I made jell-o. Yes, I am 32 years old. Sad.



Emergency Preparedness, Minimalist Style


The 5 Best Websites for Achieving your New Years Goals : Get-It-Done Guy :: Quick and Dirty Tips ™




Happy birthday mom. Hope you had a great day.

In eagles news today, the birds refuted a rumor in which they were supposedly firing andy reid for jon gruden. This would have made sense except that andy just promoted the offensive line coach to be the defensive coordinator.

Remember your goals and keep pressing toward them.

Coaches and gm’s dont always make the best decisions. Neither do players. And remember, people are always talking about you and sometimes you overhear them but you have to have thick skin and dust the dirt off your shoulder. That is after you cry, of course.



Groundhog day. I love that movie. I should have watched it today but I did not.

Today in Eagles history, Andy Reid hired the offensive line coach to be the defensive coordinator. You read that correctly. I don’t think this is a good decision but what do I know?

I have had some challenges as of late with head coaches, gm’s and team owners. Being an assistant coach myself I can relate. Conflict between the head coach and gm are tough obstacles to overcome. It is very frustrating and puts me in a confused state. Not dwelling on these issues is a challenge. Its not impossible but it is difficult. I mean after all, I am typing about it right now.