Andy Reid’s Run Game


Ironically, my mom sent me this article after we just discussed the fact that my parents want to be cremated.


Why I Am Never Going to Own a Home Again Altucher Confidential


This is a really interesting article that makes you wonder if home ownership is really the American dream it used to be.

2011-03-29 Haiku


Rebellion is great
Except when it’s against you
Why won’t they listen?

It is after five
Can this wait for tomorrow
Apparently not

Why “Dancing With the Stars” Doesn’t have a Robot Champion Altucher Confidential


Dreams Are So Real


For some odd reason I was having a dream that I was going to work in Utah for the Utah Jazz. I don’t like the Jazz nor do I have any desire to visit Utah. I apparently didnt get any kind of relocation assistance for this job and didn’t realize it until the weekend before moving out there. I then woke up and was very confused. I really thought this happened and felt so stupid and terrible.

Proposed NFL Rule Changes Would Have A Major Affect On Kickoffs | GCOBB.COM


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