The good thing about this blog is nobody reads it. The bad thing about this blog is nobody reads it. How do you deal with what to do with your life? What do you do when you’ve reached the one goal you’ve had for a long time and aren’t sure what the next goal is? How do you determine that next goal? What if you found out that your long term goal was really not for you and that you were not really cut out for it? How would that make you feel? What would you do? If you found this out but had made decisions in the last two years that put you in the path of what you thought your goal should be, are you then too far down the wrong path? The thing about life is there are a lot of questions and it seems, much fewer answers.

Something new I’ve tried for two days…… This past weekend, Gina and I were on our way back from Pittsburgh and listening to a podcast. The podcast was talking about technology, mobile technology to be more specific, and how it has helped reduce the amount of quiet time, aka solitude, we have for ourselves. That’s a lot just to say that I’ve decided on my way home from work, I will not listen to music, podcasts, or talk on the phone unless my wife calls. These past two days I’ve tried this and it has been soooo quiet. I find my mind running through all kinds of thoughts, replaying things that happened that day, more aware of the sound of traffic, wind, and nature. I would do it in the morning but I think 30 minutes of silence in the morning would cause me to fall asleep at the wheel.

Yesterday, I helped my dad with his little fence gate. He wanted to put one half of it in cement to secure it. It went very well. Much better than the first time we worked on this gate. I think we were clueless the first time. I had a good weekend as well. I love the fact that my wife doesn’t mind driving(or should I say riding) long distances. I feel like she is my sidekick on roadtrips. It was good to see Cade and Pittsburgh. Having been up there 3 times now in the last 6 months, I think my opinion of it has changed somewhat. In a good way.


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