The real story

“The raid on Bin Laden’s lair has been the focus of a constantly changing stream of information from the White House.”

The news this week has made me think of something that seems to be rampant now. The stories have changed several yimes since sunday night and will probably changed more over the upcomimg days. Mis information is all over the place. From the media to friends to coworkers to urban legends. It seems we never get the truth anymore.I’ve heard more lies lately than I can seem to recall in a long long time. Osama used his wife as a shield, I oped my team out of departmental events, so and so did this.I long for the truth even though I can’t handle the truth.what has our society come to that the truth is so hard to find? The media would rather break a false story, cho workers would rather boast themselves and tear down your character, and friends would rather gossip about something. All of these things are very discouraging.we need a hero.


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