Thanksgiving 2011

This was a wonderful Thanksgiving. I was able to get out of work about an hour early on Wednesday. Thursday morning, Gina and I went to get coffee from Starbucks and brought it back. However, Dawkins decided to knock over the TV tray the coffee was on and it flew everywhere. It was on the carpet, window, wall, and curtains. I got pretty hot over this. I mean, I never order a Venti sized coffee. Anyway, I digress. Gina’s cousin, Kristen, came over and we chatted for a while. She always makes me laugh. We went to Gina’s parents first and her aunt, cousin, parents, half-brother, and his girlfiriend were there. We shared some great stories and had some great food. We went to my parents after that and had a great dinner with them. Plenty of baby talk and some super delicious turkey. We then settled in Thursday and got some well deserved sleep. Friday, she went out with Camille and I did some errands around the house. Cade and I went out to dinner later on and hung out a little bit. He fell asleep on the couch. Poor sleepy head. Saturday we went to the WSSU NCAA Division II playoff game and witnessed a spectacular battle. Kevin was able to come and it was great to hang with him again. Sunday, we went to church and Cade came over to watch football. The Eagles lost but we completely expected that. Gina and I skyped with Tim on Sunday too. I have to keep this Thanksgiving in my memory bank. One of the better ones!


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