When I look back on 2011, I have to say that it was a remarkable year. I would describe this year as very long as I reflect back on it. One of the things that sticks out most to me about 2011 is I did travel a lot more than I thought I would. Philadelphia(2x), Pittsburgh(4x), Asheboro, Charlotte (4x), Statesville, Nashville, Lynchburg, Chicago, Schaumburg, Ashburn(2x), Reston, Bethlehem, Harrisburg, Boston, and Atlanta. Maybe that made it a long year. Travel does do something to you. I think I like to travel.

This has also been a year of growth. Both spiritually and mentally. Notice I don’t say physically. I’ve realized may things in my 32nd year of life and I’ve learned many lessons. Professionally, I attended a Dale Carnegie Leadership course and two management style classes for work.

We experienced a miscarriage this year and that was quite a life changing event. It’s funny how everything that you think matters, doesn’t all of the sudden. As painful as this event was, we’ve also become pregnant and are expecting a little girl. As I write this, my wife is nearly 6 months pregnant.

I am blessed beyond my needs. What a year! I pray 2012 is even better. Maybe I’ll even stop worrying this new year.


One Response to 2011

  1. What a year indeed. You have grown a lot. Can’t imagine what this year will bring.

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