Good tips on handling change.

Dealing With Change:

#1: Change happens every day, every second. Ask yourself right now: what things are changing in your life right now? Big and small. Positive and negative. Just list them with no judgement. List five things that are changing in your life today:
#2: Accept change. We have tiny brains and tiny bodies. Everything in the future always seems glamorous and everything in the past seems filled with mistakes. Much later, the future will turn into the past when it surprises you with the unexpected, the bleak, the panicked, the winds you didn’t expect. You can’t control the wind. For every change in your life, treat it like a negotiation. Seek out the “yes” in the change. Find the things in the change that you can be grateful for. I lose one marriage. I’m grateful for meeting Claudia. I lose money, I’m grateful I can see how arrogant and stupid I was then.

Find one thing to be grateful for in each change.

#3. Embrace change. Once you know it always happens, and once you practice finding the things to be grateful for in each change, then the changes will gradually start to always be on your side. When you wake up, start to look forward to the stunning that will happen in your life today. “It was simply stunning”, you will say.

Here’s what happens when you wake up looking forward to the changes that will happen that day: first, amazing coincidences, second: pleasant surprises, third: abundance.

#4: Alchemize change: Everything I’ve ever done in my life has led me to right here. Whatever my thinking was, whether it was “good” or “bad”, whatever my stupid actions were, whether they were “good” or “bad”, has led me right here and now. And right this second I can choose to be happy or sad with the changes that have happened before.

I had to move two years ago. It meant a longer commute. It meant less late night with friends. It meant less easy meetings in the city. But it meant more time with children. More time with nature. More time quiet. No noise. Silence.

Right now I get to sit in silence and I can’t imagine anything I’d rather be doing this moment.

Once you realize that all change is going to bring you to the present moment you can transform the change always into something positive, whether or not it seems that way at first.

Vermont is going to change. Apple cider is going to go for a dollar a quart. I love cheap apple cider.

The country is changing. Everyone around you is changing every day and there’s nothing you can do about it. Pour some maple syrup over it. I love hot waffles that are soft and buttery and starchy inside. Mmmm. Vermont Maple Syrup all over it. For just a dollar. Sit back and enjoy the flavors that are about to light up your tongue in ways you couldn’t possibly expect.


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