Happiness and Sadness

Parents are truly a blessing. Loving parents are an even greater blessing. I’m grateful to have loving parents and I hope that my wife and I can be the same to our daughter. Watching your parents grow old is tough. It’s hard to watch them go through natural struggles and aging. It’s tough because you want to help and you can’t. It’s tough because you don’t want them to hurt and you can’t do anything about that. It’s tough because they continue keeping on and loving and you feel some pain and sadness but you are so happy to see them and have them around. I know this is part of life. Being a father makes me think of these things more often. I wonder if God allows me to live long enough for Rhian to be my age, will she experience some of the same feelings I do? Will I have some of the same health issues my parents have? One day at a time.


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