RIP Zig Ziglar

11-29-2012 – , 10 Ziglar Quotes That Will Change Your Life

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Today I would like to take the time to honor an amazing man…Zig Ziglar. One of the most inspirational people to have lived, Zig Ziglar left a deep impression on millions of people during the course of his life. He was called the “Master of Motivation,” “One of America’s Icons,” “The Salesman’s Salesman,” and “A legacy that will forever impact our history.” Before his passing earlier yesterday, his message through his 86 years of life emphasized the ability to achieve success through a combination of character, attitude, and skills. And he was said to have impacted more than a quarter billion people. A quarter billion people! Can you imagine having that kind of impact? Is that a legacy, or what?

In tribute to his amazing influence on all entrepreneurs in a staggering variety of business and nonprofit ventures, I wanted to share 10 of the top Zig Ziglar quotes that have the power to change your life, if you let them. 1. “Building a better you is the first step to building a better America” Especially in the past few months leading up to the presidential election, there was a lot of talk across the nation about how to build a better America. And there was more than a little disagreement, anger and bitterness that often went with those conversations. What would this nation look like if it was made up of individuals who believed and activated this idea, that building a better self would create a better nation2. ”A goal properly set is halfway reached”The best way to turn a ream into reality is to set goals – specific, measurable goals. Knowing where you’re going and how you’ll know when you get there puts you light years ahead toward reaching it.3. “Failure is a detour, not a dead end street” It’s so easy to look at others building businesses and compare your bloopers to their highlight reel. Failure can be a stepping stone on the road to greatness – but only if you don’t let it stop you dead in your tracks. Get up and get moving again on the road to success!4. “You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win and expect to win”Zig talked a LOT about mindset. To be the winner you were born to be, you must get in the mindset of being a winner by planning for it, preparing for it and expecting it. 5. ”What comes out of your mouth is determined by what goes into your mind” Another quote about the importance of your mindset, and one of my favorites! But if you want to be able to speak success for your business and speak success to others, you must be filling your mind with the idea of success (and tools to achieve it) as well! You can’t speak what you don’t fill yourself with. 6. “The price of success is much less than the price of failure” So many people short change themselves when choosing not to invest in developing their skills and knowledge for business growth. Or – they look at the cost what it might take to succeed and never get started. But I’m here to tell you, the price of that success is so many times less than the price of failure!7. “You cannot perform in a manner inconsistent with the way you see yourself” Again – the importance of mindset. Getting your mindset in the right place is critical to achieving success. If you see yourself as a failure, you will not succeed. Period.8. “You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure”Do you see a theme here about mindset? If you keep surrounding yourself with the thought of failure, you won’t rise to achieve the success you were born to achieve!

9. “You cannot make it as a wandering generality. You must become a meaningful specific.”In order to succeed in business, you need to have a very clear, specific picture in your mind of what you want to do. It’s okay if that picture changes – very nearly every business person’s picture does. But having a general idea will not help you develop the processes and systems you need to build a successful business. 10. “The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is integrity”With all of my heart, I believe this is the most important. And I think it’s for your business as a whole, not just for your power of persuasion. Regardless – the most important business building tool you have is your integrity. Especially in social media when a lapse of integrity can go viral in minutes. Possessing integrity so that your actions and values are aligned is the key to success in business and in life.

The legacy of inspiration that Zig left us will not be forgotten! He will be missed on this side of eternity! What’s your favorite quote of Zig Ziglar’s? Is it one of these, or do you have a different favorite?


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