Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, But a good word makes it glad.


2012 / 2013


2012 was quite the year. I became a father and that was a complete whirlwind in itself. I was able to accomplish some of the goals I set out to achieve at the beginning of the year. I don’t like to think of them as resolutions as much as goals. I still have some carryover goals from last year that I would like to try and get accomplished this year. I do fear that this year will be full of change though. From my job and the company I work for being purchased recently to being a father and trying to do that well to trying each day to be a better husband. One of the things I felt I achieved at in 2012 was working on my minimilistic approach to life. I donated several items to charity, friends, and family, and also cut down on the number of items I purchased. However, there is still a long ways to go. Towards the end of the year, we did get rid of our cable and just have a basic cable package with local channels. We purchased a Hulu account and that nets a $70 savings each month along with having less things to watch. I’d like to really focus on minimalistic eating and clothing in 2013. Eating necessarry things instead of eating out as much. I also need to take another run through my clothes and give some more away to those in need. I am praying I will coninue to be able to provide for my family this year in the same manner that I have previously. I’m honestly scared that I won’t and I feel like that is all out of my control. I will trust in the Lord that He will bring me through this. He has done it before and has given me more than I ever dreamed I would have. I would also like to work on a bucket list this year. I’d like to have a list of things that I want to do prior to my passing from this earth. Granted, I don’t know when that is but I would like to have a list of things to work towards for that day. I would also like to continue to work on photography. I’ve given myself a photography subject for each month of the year and I am hopeful that this will increase my ability and talent in this hobby. I don’t think that I am really good at it but I enjoy looking at the photos I take and I think I definitately have found my style when it comes to photography. Another year down and another to go.