Interesting Week


I may not forget this week. We’ve had some big decisions at the home front and are excited about the future. We could be moving in the future, we may have found a home for Dawkins, and I think we are going to get better at being minimalists.

Also, we’ve had a friend go through a terrible situation with their spouse involving some violence. Even though some things may not fully surprise you, it’s still hard to believe how cruel humans can be towards one another.

Lastly, a guy I went to high school died this week in a motorcycle accident. Lots of people have lots to say about him now that he is gone. It’s all positive. That’s good. I’ve heard it said that death is the ultimate mulligan. I haven’t seen or spoken to this dude in years. I don’t have good memories of him from high school. I never wished him any ill will but I never liked him. I know that he was a father and either married or with the mother of his children. He also apparently died from driving the motorcycle wrecklessly. I don’t really know where I am going with this. God is a forgiving God. We are not perfect. We all have skeletons. However, when we die, I have the opinion that everyone says all the positive things. I guess that’s good. I guess I don’t understand. I am sad for his children and their mother. I am sad that this didn’t have to happen. I am sad that he was 34 and died. Life is precious.


Good night.