Random Thoughts


Recently moved to Kernersville. A couple of observations from me. There are a lot of people that ride mopeds. I have my suspicions about that but am trying to not be judgemental. Also, there are a lot of people riding bicycles for transportation and not recreation. Clearly, it is transportation. I’ve also noticed an unusually large amount of people with stickers on their car in rememberence of lost loved ones. They usually say, “in loving memory of” and then the persons name along with their birth and death date. I’ve always thought this to be a little strange. Last Saturday it went to a new level. Sitting in the McDonalds drive through(love that breakfast), I noticed a car that had one of these stickers but it was for a horse. I thought to myself, did that horse like cars?


Life is tough. It’s full of tough decisions. These decisions don’t really get any easier as you get older. Throw a wife in the mix and it gets harder. Throw a kid in the mix and the complexity triples. It has the unfortunate consequence of making one become indecisvie and fearful to make a change. I’ve heard throughout my life that fear is paralyzing and I can say that I really understand that now. All this to say, I am working on a plan as I approach 35. I don’t want to live with regrets. 35 came up quick. I still mentally feel like a younger person with more wisdom but clearly my body is showing it’s age if not more. Some serious decisons are to be made and executed if I want to increase my odds of a long, healthy, successful, and frutiful life. Day to day drama should not be allowed to derail me from these goals. By the time I’m 40, I really want to be in a great spot. Whether that is sprititually, financially, or health-wise in nature, I don’t know. I would say all 3. Let’s get it.