Conspiracy Theories

This post is long overdue. I had the thought back when the CIAA Football Championship game was to take place for 2013. It was cancelled due to a fight between the two teams prior to the game at a banquet. Ultimately, one person was arrested from VSU, Lamont Britt.

Fifty years ago, JFK was assasinated. Throughout the years many people have had many different theories about happened and who was at fault. Cuba, the Russians, our own government, another shooter on the grassy knoll, etc.

Here is the point. We don’t like to think that the random actions of one individual can affect us on such a grand scale. We don’t want to think that one angry man can create a wound for the entire country, change the way we protect the President, and cause the country/world to mourn.

However, the actions of one individual can have a large-scale and profound affect. In the situation of Lamont Britt, his actions cancelled the 2013 CIAA Football Championship and changed the course for two football teams. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost, the lives of one hundred plus atheletes are changed, a new school rivalry is formed, and thousands take to social media to vent.

Obviously, Lamont Britt and Lee Harvey Oswald are not of the same mold, nor do their crimes carry the same weight and severity. The common thread, or life lesson here is that the actions of one can affect many. We may not want to believe it but it is the truth.


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