The First 48

I really like the show, “The First 48”. It’s taught me a lot. Here are some things I’ve learned if you should ever get questioned or picked up by the police. Now, I don’t plan on ever getting picked up for anything but in the one in a million chance that something happens, here is what I’ve learned.

  1. Don’t go downtown to talk. If you aren’t under arrest or detained, don’t go. They get you on their territory and then fear and intimidation kicks in and you say stupid stuff.
  2. If you ever see something or know something that happened, report it. Don’t let them come asking you first. The key here is to not be involved in anyway.
  3. Don’t place yourself at the scene of the crime and then start lying about other things. This never works.
  4. If you do someting in self-defense, report it immediately. Have a witness.
  5. If you are going to talk and they think you are the suspect, get a lawyer. Especially if you are not guilty.
  6. If you are guilty, just tell the truth. The whole truth. Don’t come back later saying, “I’m gonna tell you the whole truth now.”
  7. If you do something, act alone and don’t tell anyone.
  8. Just don’t murder people. Don’t hang out with murderers and avoid criminal activity all together.

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