I Need a V8


Work is a little rough. Had a flu shot yesterday and that has me feeling a little off center. It’s funny but I’m not one to make a big deal out of New Year’s celebrations but I can honestly say that I will be happen when 2014 is behind me, us, and the world. I would like to think 2015 would be better. Perhaps it won’t but I have hope that it is. I’ve faced challenges this year that I’ve never thought about. I suppose that is part of growing and you would think that at 35, I’ve experienced most of the hard things in life that I would have to deal with. Here is to the challenges of life and the eternal struggle of good vs. evil. May December 31st get here soon to close this chapter and embark on a new one.


Revisit Definition of Trust


Truth over time. Actions louder than words. Why do we judge others by actions but judge ourselves by intentions? Can we put ourselves in the other person’s shoes to understand?

Anniversary Dinner


Had an enjoyable anniversary dinner with my bride at Green Valley Green today. Tried the Cragel, spare rib sliders, and truffle fries. Pretty good.



Gina had to work all day. I worked on the back yard with removing rocks and wood chips and putting down grass seed. Also trimmed some bushes.

Rhian and I were going to do a slumber party but she didn’t get a good nap today and was worn out from having fun with cousin Karen and Jada. She went to bed at 7pm tonight. That never happens.

I’m sore and look forward to sleeping in my bed tonight instead of the floor.

Happy Anniversary


11 years of marriage. 16 years together.




Just now watching season 1 on Netflix. Thoroughly enjoying this show.


Weird Reading


With all the Ebola news, I started reading about diseases and origins this evening. Somehow that led to the origin of AIDS and reading about Robert Rayford, Gaetan Dugas, and Arvid Noe. This then led to some article on monkeys and hunters in the early 1900’s. It’s crazy to think that a hunter contracted a disease from an animal that was then later spread through sexual contact and ends up affecting millions just over 100 years later.