20150219 Haiku


Where is everyone
Am I reprehensible?
I’ll put on cologne


Random Thought


I had this thought which could be turned into some type of sketch comedy. A man has a terrible diet with high cholesterol and goes to his doctor. His doctor puts him on some kind of cholesterol lowering medicine in pill form. However, the man has a hard time swallowing pills. He has to swallow these pills three times a day. In order to help him swallow the pills he coats them in mayonnaise. Over time he adjust his diet but his cholesterol levels remain high. Coating the pills in mayonnaise directly negates the impact of the cholesterol lowering medicine.

This sounded great in my head. As I typed it, it sounded much worse.


New Year’s Resolution Progress


I only set 3. I’ve kept 1 thus far. Working on getting the other two under control. The one that I am making good progress on is walking 10,000 steps a day. Given my desk job, it’s pretty tough for me to get to that. Also, I’m pretty lazy. Here is some progress though.

  • Week of Jan 11 – Daily Avg. 7,988
  • Week of Jan 18 – Daily Avg. 8,710
  • Week of Jan 25 – Daily Avg. 9,139
  • Week of Feb 01 – Daily Avg. 9,663
  • Week of Feb 08 – Daily Avg. 10,741 (In progress)

While I haven’t hit 10K as an average for an entire week, I am getting closer and making progress every week. That being said, Gina walks like 14K to 16K a day. I’d like to catch up with her one day. Give it time John. Give it time.


Late Night Ramblings In Haiku Form


Unspeakable pain
How could you do this to me
Hope sets like the sun

Remember the times
Of innocence and young love
Flirting through the trees

Dreams were built for us
A foundation that would break
Shallow roots were formed

A great wall was built
A wall of secrets and lies

Hearts split into two
Yearning for some commitment
Tearing of an oath

Hope for the future
Repairs that need to be made
Wounds that need healing

Praying all the time
Restoration of our souls
Only time will tell

Only time will tell
Restoration of our souls
Praying all the time