A Day At The Park


Took Rhian to the park this evening while Gina was working. A girl fell off of the slide platform and dislocated her elbow. Several of us rushed to help her and her dad until the paramedics could arrive. Rhian stood there with a lollipop as I helped put ice water on a cloth to put on the elbow and then helped the dad as he nearly fainted. I think about how many times Rhian asks to go to that park and how many times I say no. Today I said yes. Not saying I saved the day but I was able to help the others assist the girl and her dad. You just really never know what God has around the corner for you.


Oldie but goodie



A Comment Profound


As I was walking out of work today I was talking to a guy that has a young daughter. She’s a little younger than Rhian. I mentioned to him that Rhian was going through a sassy stage and wearing me out most days. His response made me stop in my tracks. He said, “I’ll take it anyway I can I get it. I’m just happy she’s in my life.”

It really made me stop to think. I’ve been guilty of not feeling this way. I’m sure many of us have. Not only with kids but probably with other relationships. Just something to think about. Those words really made me reflect on my mindset.