Woke up with hope this morning. Dad was going to have his surgery. I arrived to pick up my mom and she was in tears. The hospital had called and said the surgery was cancelled. Oxygen levels are too low. A quick conversation with the doctor. Advises me to be my dad’s biggest cheerleader. We visit with him. Sit with him all day. Showing love, support, and compassion. We are told he will move to ICU soon. The lung specialist gives us the new plan. A plan that includes worst case scenarios. He asks what my dad’s wishes are. Advises us there is still hope but we are low on solutions and time. Fortunately, his other major organs are healthy. Then I speak with my dad. We discuss the options and what he wants. He tells me he will keep fighting and he only wants to be on a ventilator for two days if it comes to that. He says he doesn’t think he’s getting better. I tell him I love him. He tells me the same. We pray together. The sun will rise tomorrow. We shall see what the day brings. 


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