The phone rings. The nurse says your dad says he’s ready. He’s on the phone with your mom right now. I call mom. John, he’s ready. We scramble to get there. On my way to get mom, the nurse calls. He says he wants a hot coffee and ice cream. Dad loved some coffee and ice cream. We arrive at the hospital. I call his best friend and they talk. I call his sisters and they talk. We take turns saying our goodbyes. Mom, her friend Cathy, my mother in law, Gina, Rhian, and finally, me. Smiles, laughs, and tears. We do a final assessment with the doctor. Dad turns to me. I’m ready John. I let the nurse know. The IVs are disconnected. The oxygen is removed. He says a love you. We hold hands. His breathing diminishes. His pulse reduces and at 21:41, he’s at peace in Heaven. Love you dad. May you be restored and enjoy the other side with the Lord. 


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