Dad…..They Did It


Dad. They did it. Thank you for making me a fan from day one. Finally. @philadelphiaeagles #superbowlchamps #finally #thankyoujesus


Eagles Super Bowl


It’s something my dad gave me, the love of the eagles, and I just can explain it. It wasn’t a tangible gift but something that I’ll carry forever. Because of him. And to have this happen the year after he died. I’m just overwhelmed with emotion.

Eagles going to the super bowl.

Nugget I Read Today


Ants don’t care about elections. Elephants don’t care about the after-life. Flowers don’t care if they fit in with a crowd. They just want the warmth of the sun to kiss them.

Altucher, Again


Fun read over here by James Altucher.

Always enjoy his different views on subjects. Golden nugget from this article below.

There is no “Why?” In the history of the world, nobody has ever answered truthfully to “Why did you do this?”
You can’t ask someone why they stole from a company. They won’t tell you. Or they will say they didn’t.
You can’t ask someone why they left you. Why they did X to betray you. Or Y to lie to you.
They will lie. They will accuse you. They will cry. They will say all sorts of things to throw the scent off their trail.
There is never a “Why.” There is seldom closure in life. 

Can you think of how many times people have just lied to you?
worst year ever

Hello 2018


It’s a new year now

So much has changed this past year

Goodbye seventeen

Dealt with painful loss

The reality of life

Dark clouds over me

The impact was real

The hardest of years by far

I was not myself

The future is now

Finding long lost friends to love

The healing started

I hope it maintains

It has given me power

And hope to go on

The Library



I spent a lot of time there as a child. My dad was the custodian there for a while and always had me around reading, playing games, or participating in library activities. Then in high school, I worked there as a Page in the Children’s Room. I did that through my first year in college and maybe to my second. Did I mention I met my wife there? The place had a special connection for me. Many of those people watched me grow up. Then I worked with them. Many came to my wedding. So time has past. Haven’t been there in years. The county rebuilt it and the grand opening was a short while ago. We visited it this morning. Nostalgic. Memories. It’s beautiful. Brings back so many memories. And Rhian played on the children’s room computer, just as I did 31 years ago, and as other kids I helped there 20 years ago.

12:20 jcc

Practice the Pause


Practice pausing from being busy to take a request from your child or spouse. The short times are few over the span of your life. Don’t miss out on 60 seconds that might make you smile and become a memory.